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Old Manga Will Not Stop Kicking Your Ass

When I posted some scans from Noboru Ohshiro's Kasei Tanken back at the beginning of the month, I promised to scan pages from another Ohshiro manga. Then I got distracted by yarn and brightly-colored scraps of paper for about three weeks. But here it is at last: Yukaina Tekkôsho!

As I mentioned last time, I can't read Japanese and am comically under-qualified for my job as a manga editor. Matt Thorn translates the title as The Delightful Steel Mill, which is probably the best translation, but I kind of prefer the translation one of my Japanese coworkers at Viz offered, The Happy Cog Factory. It appears to be a loosely-connected string of adventures had by the inhabitants of a cartoonist's studio, mainly his Snowy-like talking dog and a pair of Mutt-and-Jeff-like cartoon characters who come to life.

I am unable to determine much of the plot beyond that, save that it incorporates the following elements:



A put-upon mouse!

A drawing of a hot-air balloon that rises from the paper and takes our heroes on a magical journey!


Seriously. This is Toontown, right? Anyway, it leads into the best section of the book, wherein the cartoon fellows visit a robot factory staffed with anthropomorphic animals who teach them true facts about smelting. This involves...

Robot disguises!

Monkey steelworker!

And, best of all...a totally boss giant robot, I mean, look at this sucker and tell me it isn't the awesomest thing you have ever seen.

Japan spent the next 70 years trying to come up with a better giant robot and failing.

I am so in love with Ohshiro. Fortunately, Matt Thorn has been kind enough to post scans from Ohshiro's third masterpiece, Kisha Ryokô (Train Journey), on his blog. And just to show me up, he followed it up with scans from another classic manga, The Adventures of Little Shô, written by Shôsei Oda and drawn by Katsuichi Kabashima. Go! Look! Enjoy!

Long live old manga!

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