Shaenon K. Garrity (shaenon) wrote,
Shaenon K. Garrity

Strip Sale for Terry Pratchett

As many of you nerds out there know, Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. Recently, Pratchett donated half a million pounds (the website now says it's a million) to Alzheimer's research. His fans, led by writers Pat Cadigan and Corey Doctorow, are working together to match that donation.

My college boyfriend turned me on to Pratchett, although I didn't really get hooked until I read Hogfather on the long flight to Ireland in my junior year abroad. At the time, Pratchett's books weren't widely available in the U.S., but they were in all the Dublin bookstores, and I became an addict; most of what little spending money I had went into those Corgi paperbacks with lumpy Josh Kirby characters crawling all over the covers. (I also drooled over the Discworld miniatures at Forbidden Planet, but never dared indulge.) I was especially affected by Small Gods and Witches Abroad, which I read over and over. And of course Good Omens, combining the mighty goth powers of Neil Gaiman with Pratchett's warm, wicked humor, gave me infinite little nerdgasms. I've read every Discworld book, I've got signed copies (and my tattered Good Omens bears the "Burn this book!" inscription from Pratchett and "Apply match here" from Gaiman), I saw "Mort" performed live at Dublin Castle, etc., etc. I'm fairly hardcore.

But if you read my comics, you probably know this, because you can see the Pratchett influence. Or, to put it a little less kindly, you can see me ripping off all his jokes and good ideas for my crudely-drawn webcomics. Now it's payback time. Through the month of April, I will be selling original daily strips from my comics Narbonic and Skin Horse for the low low price of $25. All proceeds from the sale will go to The Alzheimer's Research Trust.

A few quick guidelines:
-- Please contact me before sending money to find out if the strip you want is available. I've sold or given away many Narbonic strips over the years, although I've still got well over a thousand.
-- Each strip is drawn with archival ink on bristol and is about eleven inches long by four inches high.
-- I will not sell the first Narbonic strip, the last one, the one with Helen and Dave's first kiss, or the one where Artie falls. I will not sell the first Skin Horse strip. I'm also not including Sunday strips and artwork in this sale. Everything else is up for grabs.
-- Shipping and handling are included with the $25 price.
-- You can purchase as many strips as you like.

Interested? Email narbonic at sbcglobal dot net.

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