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New Smithson!

Well, kind of. Brian and his wife Meg are on a cross-country train trip, so this week he just posted some bonus pencil sketches. Consider this an opportunity to go through the archives and catch up on the whole thrilling story.

Brian and Meg breezed through San Francisco this week, so I got to meet up with them and talk way too much about comics. They toured both the beautiful Cartoon Art Museum and my own wretched, manga-choked apartment, and then they no doubt vowed to get away as quickly as possible and never come back. Also, they brought me cookies!

Oh, and I certainly hope you didn't miss this week's Chronicles of William Bazillion!

One more thing: thanks to everyone who sent me kind words about last week's Edward Gorey pastiche. I drew it strictly for my personal entertainment, and I was bowled over that other people enjoyed it. It turns out that when you combine two things nerds like, such as Star Trek and Edward Gorey, they really dig it! Who knew?

Okay, time for a quick Overlooked Manga Festival Special Event!

OMF Special Event:
Top Ten Lines from the Excel Saga Manga

Credit should be divided between creator Rikdo Koshi, translators Dan Kanemitsu, Pookie Rolf, and Yuko Sawada, and rewriter Carl Gustav Horn.

10. Excel and Hyatt on choosing an impenetrable alias:

9. Dr. Iwata on invasive surgery:

(Small text: I'll do it like this...I'll do it like that...I'll do it with a Crile hemostat! Note also the inclusion of a Jack Chick-style HAW HAW!, a recurring feature in the English-language Excel Saga.)

8. Excel on the resemblance between an army of robot duplicates of Hyatt and the steampunk technology of Galaxy Express 999:

7. Iwata on why it's presumptious for androids to suggest expensive restaurants for lunch:

6. Elgala and Excel on getting drunk and cooking the dog:

5. Excel on the difficulty of escaping from prison:

4. Excel on the best way to befriend a new coworker:

3. Excel on the train that ran over her crude homemade flying machine, ACROSS-Star One:

2. The Manager (who, for reasons unknown, speaks in a thick German patois) on the time Dr. Shiouji's top-heavy mad-scientist mother won an eating contest at her okinomiyaki stand:

1. And a labor of love...Dr. Shiouji on the accidental deletion of hundreds of gigabytes of (mostly underage) pornography:

Thank you. That is all.

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