July 20th, 2007



Yes, I'll be at the San Diego Comic-Con next week. I'm sharing Table P-4 in the Small Press area with one Jason Thompson, selling Narbonic books and gerbils. My husband, Andrew Farago, will be manning the Cartoon Art Museum booth at E-11.

In case you want to stop by, here are some of the events Jason, Andrew and I will be involved with:

6:00-7:00 100 Manga Magazines in 60 Minutes
In Japan, manga is published in massive weekly, biweekly, and monthly manga magazinesthat fit every imaginable category: shojo to shonen, science fiction to horror, moe to yaoi, children's to adult. Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) provides a visual tour of the manga world, its industry secrets, and future trends.
Room 4

8:30-10:30 2007 Friends of Lulu Awards
Every year during Comic-Con, Friends of Lulu hosts their Lulu Awards as a way to bring honor and recognition to the most inspiring and noteworthy women in the comic book industry. Awards will be presented by Trina Robbins, Shaenon Garrity, and more. The 2007 Friends of Lulu Awards are sponsored by Minx/DC Comics.
Room 10


1:30-2:30 Spotlight on Miriam Katin
Illustrator Miriam Katin's first graphic memoir, We Are On Our Own, chronicled her escape from Nazi-held Budapest with her mother during World War II and debuted to national fanfare from magazines such as Time and People. Cartoonist and editor Shaenon K. Garrity will interview Miriam about her life and work.
Room 3

6:00-7:00 Lost in Translation
Lately foreign comics, especially manga, have topped the bookstore graphic-novel sales charts. And in other media as well, foreign entertainment has been making a big push. See long-time translators, editors, and industry people answer questions and discuss the trials and triumphs of being in this exciting area of the media industry! Panelists include William Flanagan (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle), Jonathan Tarbox (Angel Sanctuary), Jake Forbes (Fullmetal Alchemist), Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide), Shaenon Garrity (Overlooked Manga Festival blog), and Stephen Paul (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)!
Room 3


11:30-12:30 Reality-Based Graphic Novels
The rise of graphic novels in the past few years has seen the creation of some incredible work rooted in the real world. Some of these are personal autobiographical memoirs, while others are rooted in history. Moderator Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco) interviews Comic-Con special guests Alison Bechdel (Fun Home), Guy Delisle (Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea), Rick Geary (The Bloody Benders), Miriam Katin (We Are On Our Own), and Joe Matt (Spent) about tales of their own lives and those of others.
Room 3