July 19th, 2007


New Smithson!

Man, do I have a lot to post today. First, of course, there's a new Smithson!


If my dream of Smithson being made into a musical TV drama, a la "Cop Rock," ever comes to pass, I would like the part of Professor Finnegan to be played by Chris Elliott. This is what I require to give my life meaning.

Confidential to my Vassar friends: I know a lot of these people were not in the class, but I needed screennames. Also, yes, I am a refrigerator.

And I hope you haven't missed this week's Chronicles of William Bazillion!

Over on his LiveJournal, Andrew has posted the greatest thing ever: Spider-Man Vs. Unsafe Sex! You really have to go look at this incredible 1970s classic.

No Overlooked Manga Festival this week. Instead of reading manga, I've spent the week rereading all the Harry Potter books in preparation for the release of Deathly Hallows tomorrow. I am such a Potter junkie. In fact, in lieu of Overlooked Manga, I'd like to share my personal Top Ten Harry Potter Moments. (Warning: Contains spoilers for all of the first six books. Does not include fanfiction, because then the entire list would just be various scenes of Sirius and Snape ramming their tongues down each others' throats.

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