January 31st, 2007



I spent the weekend as a guest at Vericon, at Harvard, and I had a fantastic time and met a lot of great people. I even took pictures!

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I wish we'd gotten photos of the masquerade, which was the last Vericon event Andrew and I attended. It brought back so many warm memories of running the Nonhuman Students Organization at Vassar and throwing goofy nerd parties at our TA. Hanging out on the Internet as much as I do, I often get sick of my fellow geeks and their geeky behavior and geeky bad attitudes. But the Vericon masquerade seriously reminded me why I love geeks: it was just a big crowd of nerdy misfits and eccentrics, gleefully accepting each others' nerdiness and having a great time together. Plus, there were these three excellent kids dressed as L, Light, and Misa from Death Note. I told them I worked at Viz and L put her handcuffs on me.