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Shaenon K. Garrity
This is where I write stuff.
Modern Tales Announces New Strip Lounge Lineup 
21st-Aug-2006 02:31 am
SAN FRANCISCO—Modern Tales (www.moderntales.com), one of the Internet’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of nine new comics to its Modern Tales Strip Lounge section. The Strip Lounge, launched earlier this year, offers free, non-exclusive webcomics available to all visitors, and is designed to complement the Modern Tales V.I.P. Room, which features subscription-based comics available only to Modern Tales subscribers.

The new Strip Lounge comics are:

Where Am I Now?, by Jon Bakos and Ross Smith, a weekly comic set in a post-apocalyptic future populated by robots who are still getting the hang of running the world without human interference.
Genre City, by Benjamin Birdie, which follows five eclectic characters through a city built on the tropes of genre fiction. Genre City previously ran in the Modern Tales V.I.P. Room and is now returning to the site as a free series.
Kings of Pop, also by Benjamin Birdie, a tongue-in-cheek chronicle of two hardcore soda-pop collectors and their quest for exotic treasures like Dr Pepper Red Fusion.
Brain Fist, by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, an ongoing six-panel strip by the master of experimental, boundary-pushing webcomics.
Wondermark, by David Malki, a twice-weekly gag strip that uses 19th-century illustrations to comment on the 21st century.
Irregular Webcomic, by David Morgan-Mar, a daily photocomic that utilizes mini-figures and other toys to send up all things geeky.
Spork, by Sylvan Migdal, a showcase for one-shot stories and gag strips by the creator of Mnemesis and Ascent on GraphicSmash.com.
Popcorn Picnic, by Chris Shadoian, whose previous webcomic, Streets of Northampton, was one of the first comics on Modern Tales. Popcorn Picnic is Shadoian’s wry commentary on moviegoing and the cinema.
Anywhere but Here, by Jason Siebels, a serial comic strip in the tradition of Doonesbury and Bloom County, which centers around the nameless protagonist’s life and loves in a snowy Midwestern college town.

“Most of the new Strip Lounge cartoonists were recruited by my predecessor, Eric Burns,” says Modern Tales editor Shaenon K. Garrity. “Eric’s known throughout the Web for his impeccable taste in comics, and he didn’t disappoint during his brief stint as Modern Tales editor. I’m extremely proud to be introducing these nine comics to the Modern Tales Strip Lounge.”

The new comics will debut on Modern Tales starting on Monday, August 21. Interviews between Garrity and the latest Strip Lounge artists will be featured on the Talk About Comics blog (www.talkaboutcomics.com) over the course of the next two weeks.
21st-Aug-2006 06:09 pm (UTC)
Good picks with Popcorn Picnic, Wondermark, and Anywhere but Here.
22nd-Aug-2006 12:50 am (UTC)
Completely off topic, but it's way too late to post at the forums about this, and I have to complain.

I just found out you killed Lovelace off on my birthday. (Cuz, I'm so sure you planned that, having stalked me for the last 6 years. Pfft.)
Wah. and *sulk* and stuff. Poor Lovelace. *sniffle*

Unlike many of the other forum goers, I don't think she's coming back. Which, to my mind, puts you miles ahead of everybody else, up to and including Gaiman. You rock on with your epic self, woman. I have really good (and sad) feelings about this coming 6 months.

Now, I'm off to check out your new Lounge. :)
23rd-Aug-2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Glad to see the new material from Birdie and Migdal, and i hope to get to know the rest.
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