Shaenon K. Garrity (shaenon) wrote,
Shaenon K. Garrity

House Update: The Deck

Lately Andrew and I been working on the back yard, which is why it looks like this:

The plan is to kill off the crabgrass lawn and replace it with less thirsty groundcover.  Meanwhile, I'm expanding the vegetable garden all the way to the fence.

Someday this garage will be a detached office.  But not today!  For today we have chosen to focus on...THE DECK!

At our housewarming party two years ago, people kept telling us we needed a deck.  They got a little pushy, frankly.  But with the help of our new contractor, Jody, we finally got started fulfilling their wishes.  (Our regular contractor, Mario, got a day job and isn't available for big projects right now.)

First Jody demolished the back stoop, which came apart with a sledgehammer.

The cat above is not our cat Tesla, but a mysterious all-black version of Tesla who's been hanging around our yard.  We call it Blesla.  Tesla and Blesla have become friends, which means they sit in the yard about three feet apart and stare at each other.

Next Jody set up the foundation for the deck.  This part took the longest, thanks to rain pouring down every couple of days.

But look!  There's the real Tesla!

Tesla was deeply displeased with all the construction on her property.

Jody then set up a Craftsman-style trellis gateway.

This past Sunday, Andrew and I had lunch on the almost-completed deck.

As did Tesla.

And here it is, all built and everything!  THE DECK!

Admittedly, it'd look a little better with a lawn.

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