Shaenon K. Garrity (shaenon) wrote,
Shaenon K. Garrity

September 11 Sketch-A-Thon at the Schulz Museum

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Peanuts, The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Library is hosting a big sketch-a-thon featuring its past artists in residence, including Lark Pien, Thien Pham, Debbie Huey, Paul Madonna, Alexis Fajardo, Brian Fies, Mick Gray, Brian Kolm, Michael Capozzola, and me.

The event will be on September 11 from 1:00-3:00 PM. Cartoonists will speak with visitors, share their work, and draw something for the Schulz Museum’s collection celebrating the 60th anniversary of Peanuts. Come watch! Get sketches! Buy books!
Tags: being awesome, comics, good grief

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