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Shaenon K. Garrity

A Very Couscous Yule

With the holiday season happening and all, why not consider gift shopping at the Couscous Collective Store? Not only can you purchase Narbonic and Skin Horse collections (and if you order all six volumes of Narbonic together, I'll sign and sketch in each one), but the store includes a wide selection of comics and minicomics by the other members in good standing of the Couscous Collective. Some of my personal recommendations:

King of RPGs Gaiden
by Jason Thompson

This minicomic offers an advance look into the world of Jason Thompson's upcoming graphic novel series, King of RPGs, available in 2010 from Del Rey. The graphic novels will be written by Jason and drawn by Victor Hao, but this mini features Jason's own intricate artwork, which I love. (Victor's really good too, but he gives the characters more of a dynamic Shonen Jump style, whereas Jason's versions are... well, Jason's, which is to say uncategorizable.) Pick up a copy as a stocking-stuffer, and both you and the lucky recipient can say you were into King of RPGs before it was cool.

by Jason Thompson

It's hard for me to pick just two Jason Thompson comics for this list, because I love everything he does, but Yeperenye includes a scene where giant caterpillars chase a bus across Australia. And it's two damn bucks. That is what I call a holiday miracle.

by Pancha + Elena Diaz

The first chapter of Pancha Diaz's fantasy romance, charmingly illustrated in full color by her sister Elena. Pancha's currently reworking the story while Elena is busy at art school. Look forward to more Iceheart in (I hope I hope I hope) the very near future. By the way, you can thank Pancha for the sweet book design on Skin Horse Volume One.

The Traveler and the Bird Maiden
by Elizabeth Conley

Elizabeth Conley is a printmaker and book designer as well as an artist, and she's got a couple of beautifully designed books in the store. This is her most recent piece, available in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies. Do you know someone who likes fairy tales and Neil Gaimany stuff? Congratulations, you have found a Christmas present.

Max O'Millions In: The Red Menace
by Andrew Farago

Andrew says this is his favorite of his many minicomics, and I agree it's one of his funniest. A prequel to his webcomic The Chronicles of William Bazillion, it follows wealthy kid adventurer Max O'Millions and his best pal Richard Nixon on a mission to rid America of Commies. Get this and The Max O'Millions Adventure Society (scripted by yours truly) for a Retro Adventure Two-Pack.

Now you want to look at the Couscous Store!

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