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Last time I declared something the Worst Damn Comic in the World, it was with the caveat that the title was liable to change hands at any time, as soon as I encountered another comic that was worse. That day has come. Actually, I've seen plenty of terrible comics since my last Worst Damn Comic post, but this was the first one to obliterate my memory of all other bad comics with a mere three panels of weapons-grade suckiness.

Yes, today I'm looking at a recent installment of Chris Muir's right-wing online comic strip, Day by Day. This particular strip has made its way around the Internets recently, passed along wonderingly by one stunned and speechless blogger after another. I don't think anyone was shocked to see a Day by Day strip sucking, because it's pretty much always bad. But it's usually bad in the way all bad political strips are bad: shaky art, strawman characters, partisan propaganda in place of dialogue. Only occasionally, however, does Day by Day feature all this plus some kind of horrifying crudely-drawn minstrel show.

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