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31st-Jul-2012 11:19 am - Skin Horse 3 Book Release Party

Mark your calendars: we're having a release party for Skin Horse Volume 3 on Saturday, August 25.


Skin Horse Volume 3
Saturday, August 25
5:00 PM
Borderlands Books

There will be cupcakes, wine, dramatic readings, and, of course, Narbonic and Skin Horse books for sale.  As an added bonus, my family will be in town!  Come down and ask my mom inappropriate questions!

See you there!

We've passed $10,000 on the Skin Horse Kickstarter drive!  Thank you, one and all!

To celebrate, and because we keep thinking of stuff, we've unlocked two new bonus levels: Investigator Into the Conspiracy and Arbiter of Reality.

So, yeah, spread the word and such.

4th-Apr-2012 04:05 pm - The Making of a Narbonic Slipcase

Last year, printmaker Liz Conley designed gorgeous slipcovers for my two-volume Narbonic: The Perfect Collection. Now Liz has revealed her secrets in the latest Couscous Collective blog post, "The Making of a Narbonic Slipcase."

If you're curious about how the upcoming slipcovers for Skin Horse Volume 3 will look, check out the photos of the Narbonic slipcovers. They'll be like that, only more Skin Horse. Any more would be telling...

1st-Feb-2012 10:16 am - Skin Horse Strip Giveaway

Announcement time!

It's February, the time for love, and I love all of you. That's why this month, any order of Skin Horse books from the Couscous Store comes with the original art for one (1) Skin Horse strip.  Cartoonist's choice.  Spread the word!
28th-Dec-2011 11:29 pm(no subject)
Mad Science for Kids: a nifty review of the Narbonic Perfect Collection on Crooked Timber. Go, look, read.
28th-Nov-2011 09:57 am - Couscous Store Specials

That's right: we're doing the Cyber Monday thing. For this week only at The Couscous Store, get the following deals:

-- Narbonic and Skin Horse books signed and sketched by me
-- The Looney Tunes Treasury signed and sketched by Andrew Farago
-- Prints and books by Liz Conley on sale
-- Free Skin Horse print set with any order
-- Free Iceheart minicomic with any order

Congratulations!  Your holiday shopping is now done!
I'm doing a release party and book signing for Narbonic: The Perfect Collection this Saturday at 5:00 at Borderlands Books. I will have cupcakes and wine. You should come.
28th-Oct-2011 07:01 pm - Narbonic Book Release Party

Behold the beautiful Narbonic omnibus! Gaze upon its glory! And buy copies at the Couscous store.

If you're in the San Francisco area, there will be a Narbonic book release party at Borderlands Books from 5:00-7:00 PM on Saturday, November 19.  I promise cupcakes and wine.
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