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14th-Jul-2009 01:05 am - More Old Doodles
A million years ago, back when I first got this LiveJournal account, I posted tons of pictures of Wolverine. What I didn't mention at the time was that I drew a bunch of other X-Men at the same time but never scanned them. So here they are.


Storm (I always liked her in the mohawk and fatigues):

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13th-Jul-2009 12:26 pm - More Old Doodles
I think this was a concept for a children's book. I like that I fit Jesse Hamm's HappyGoth in there.

9th-Jul-2009 09:25 am - More Old Doodles
Convention sketch:

8th-Jul-2009 03:22 pm - More Old Doodles
This might be the only drawing I ever did of the entire Narbonic cast.

8th-Jul-2009 02:04 am - More Old Doodles
I went through this phase where I was totally into drawing Bjork.

7th-Jul-2009 09:30 am - More Old Doodles
Smithson. I'm actually working on some stuff for Smithson this week.

And that's two posts in a row with cartoon characters saying the f-word. I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.

6th-Jul-2009 07:23 pm - More Old Doodles
These are for my esteemed collaborator, Jeffrey Wells:

6th-Jul-2009 10:32 am - More Old Doodles
I don't think I ever drew a finished version of this. Too bad.

Packing for my big move at the end of the month, I found myself browsing through nine years' worth of the spiral-bound Walgreens notebooks in which I do all my sketching. I've got dozens of these, and around two in the morning it seemed like a good idea to scan the most entertaining pages.

Here, for example, is some G.I. Joe art. The line starts here, IDW!

And here's my favorite covert superteam:

Holy crap I gave Michael a jheri curl.

More to follow...
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