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Look, Republicans. I know you think Reagan was the best president, and possibly mammal, of all time. It gives you a warm feeling in your bellies every time you think of the thousands of people trapped in crippling poverty for generations so an imaginary woman invented by Reagan could be stopped from spending her imaginary welfare checks on imaginary Cadillacs. Plus he smelled like your nicer grandpa.

But that doesn't mean you should cosplay as him.

This is what's going on here, right? The original Ronald Reagan was already less of a president than he was an actor playing a president. Now we've got today's politicians (who are also actors) dressing up as their idea of Reagan dressing up as his idea of being the president. It's like Schwarzenegger is hoping we'll fall into his hypnotic tunnel of infinite hair-gel recursion and not notice that our state doesn't have parks anymore.

Seriously. This shit is okay for conventions, when everyone is going to be dressed up as Boba Fett and whatever. But when you're holding a press conference, you have to get your own hairdos.

You know why you don't see Obama going around in a Kennedy wig? Because decent people frown on this behavior.

Unless it's in Point Break.

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