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9th-Feb-2011 09:47 pm - MT News: Gingerbread Houses Ends
How do you live happily ever after with parents who abandoned you in the woods to die?

Gingerbread Houses, by Alexander Danner and Edward J. Grug III reached the end of its two-year serialization on Thursday, with the publication of the series’ final installment.

A 97-page self-contained graphic novel, Gingerbread Houses retells the classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, looking beyond the story’s original end to examine how the children’s ordeal changed them, as well as their relationship to their parents. The story can be read in its entirety online. In addition, three issues of Gingerbread Houses are now available as print minis, and can be purchased via PictureStoryTheater.com. The fourth and final mini will be released in the coming weeks.

Gingerbread Houses is written by Alexander Danner (“The Discovery of Spoons,” “Five Ways to Love a Cockroach,” “Panel One”) and illustrated by Edward J. Grug III (“Love Puppets,” “Glorious Bounty,” “The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red Eye”).

Gingerbread Houses can be found at:


7th-Jun-2010 10:47 pm - Punish the Dead Ends
Toby Craig's graphic novel Punish the Dead has reached its end. Go read! The entire comic is available to Modern Tales subscribers only.
Over on Modern Tales, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's All Knowledge Is Strange has just concluded. But fear not! Today Goodbrey is launching a new weekly series, 100 Planets. Check it out!
Awesome! John Barber's brand-new webcomic, Outside Infinity, has just joined the Modern Tales lineup. Just as some background, John's previous webcomic, "Vicious Souvenirs," was part of the Modern Tales launch lineup way back in the day. It was one of the first Flash-based, interactive comics, and it had a great story too. Then John went off to work for this place called Marvel Comics and we were denied his work for ages and ages. But now he's back, and I've got him on Modern Tales! Ha!

In John's words, Outside Infinity is "the sort-of true story of a guy who discovers the mathematical proof of the existence of black holes...while dying on of an incurable disease on the losing side of Russian front in World War I." It's completely different from his previous comics, and what I've seen so far looks great. Have a look!
20th-Oct-2009 01:22 pm - Preorder Paradigm Shift Book 3!
Crossposted from Modern Tales...

Dirk Tiede is just a few pages away from finishing Book Three of Paradigm Shift and is now taking preorders for the print collection. The full announcement and preorder info are up on Dirk's site at Dynamanga.net. Preorder your copies now and show some love for the world's greatest werewolf cop comic (now with extra werewolf)!
22nd-Sep-2009 09:52 am - Xeno's Arrow Complete... Or Is It?
Modern Tales archive update: though it may be a logical paradox, Xeno's Arrow by Stephen Geigen-Miller and Greg Beettam has caught up with itself. This week marks the final page of the existing Xeno's Arrow archives and the end of the current storyline.

With this installment, Greg and Stephen will be taking a break. Stephen writes, "Greg and I are talking about when and how we might be able to continue the series, and while it's all a bit up in the air, we do have some ideas." Meanwhile, you can read the complete first arc of Xeno's Arrow and catch up on the series.
14th-Aug-2009 10:08 am - Teaching Baby Paranoia Hits 500!
Over on Modern Tales, Bryant Paul Johnson's Teaching Baby Paranoia, one of the lifers, hits its 500th strip today. Congratulations, Bryant! Now everybody go check out the TBP archives!
10th-Mar-2009 10:36 am - MT Interview: Ed Quinby
Today on TalkAboutComics, I interview Ed Quinby of Teregrin fame. Read the interview here!
2nd-Mar-2009 04:43 pm - New MT Comic: Endtown
Endtown, a postapocalyptic comedy by Aaron Neathery, launches this week on Modern Tales. I interviewed Aaron about his new strip on TalkAboutComics. Longtime Narbonic readers may remember him as the guy who did a guest week-and-a-half about killer soda way back in the day. He's a heck of a cartoonist, and I hope y'all dig Endtown.
Over on TalkAboutComics, I interview the inimitable Alexander Danner and Edward J. Grug III, whose new webcomic Gingerbread Houses just launched on Modern Tales. Go read!
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