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26th-Oct-2010 09:31 pm - Li'l Mell Returns
They said it was impossible, but they were wrong: Li'l Mell is back! Up right now is the title page for the new storyline, written (as always) by me and drawn by the incredibly talented Cameron Nielson. We'll be updating with a new page each Wednesday. Thanks so much to Cameron for agreeing to draw this story and bring more wonderful Li'l Mell into the world.
23rd-Sep-2009 01:57 am - New Li'l Mell
The end.

Thus ends "Homeschool Joe Goes to School." I'm going to Japan for a couple of weeks, and then I'll try to figure out what to do next with Li'l Mell. I've got a lot of stories in mind but no particular plans for how to tell them. We'll see.
Over in Li'l Mell, we just may have reached a denouement. And a lot of screaming.

And what's this? Could The Chronicles of William Bazillion have reached the end of the Race for Santa's Nazi Gold? Holy crud. Congratulations, Andrew.
19th-Aug-2009 01:16 am - New Li'l Mell!
Homeschool Joe gives it the old college try.

And look! A new William Bazillion! With Santa's throne!
12th-Aug-2009 01:26 am - New Li'l Mell!
No William Bazillion this week because Andrew's sick as a dog, but I've got a new Li'l Mell page up. Drama!
5th-Aug-2009 01:45 am - New Mell + Bazillion
Girlamatic just launched a snazzy redesign. Check out the latest Li'l Mell page in its palatial new surroundings. And have a look at the rest of the site while you're at it. There's new comics and blogs and stuff.

Meanwhile, in The Chronicles of William Bazillion, we inch closer and closer to catharsis.
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