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20th-May-2008 09:09 pm - Rory Root, 1958-2008
Rory Root, cofounder and owner of the best comic bookstore in America, died this week. What little I can say at this sad time, I'll be saying in my Comixology column on Thursday. (Rory, I can say with some certainty, would approve of both the blatant self-promotion and the link to his store.) Meanwhile, I have something else I'd like to post.

A while back, mostly for my own amusement, I wrote a TV pilot about a group of San Francisco cartoonists. Obviously, any show set in the Bay Area comics scene would have to include a character based on Rory, one of the greatest characters of all. In my screenplay, he was named Don. Here he is in the penultimate scene, laying down the wisdom to a miserable young cartoonist at his comic store.

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