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Shaenon K. Garrity
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10th-Oct-2008 08:25 pm - You made me do this, Prop 8 ads.
Posted to livelongnmarry:

I'm Shaenon K. Garrity, creator of the webcomics Narbonic, Skin Horse, Li'l Mell, and Smithson. Since I'm terrible at fanart, here's my offer: I will draw a slashy portrait of any two characters from my comics. Because I was going to sit around drawing my characters in tasteful yet suggestive homoerotic situations anyway, so why not do it for charity?

The exact content is open to discussion, but I tend to lean romantic or funny rather than outright pornographic. Black and white or color, your call.

Donations can be made to No on Prop 8, Equality California, or Marriage Equality USA.

Deadline for bidding: Saturday, October 18.

Minimum bid: $10.

Want to bid? Post in this thread.
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